widget wid‧get [ˈwɪdʒt] noun [countable] informal
1. any small piece of equipment, used especially to talk about something that you do not know the name of:

• Rear-view mirrors are just the kind of widget that car makers could easily buy from cheap-labor plants in Asia.

2. an imaginary product that a company might produce:

• If a retailer marks down a shelf of widgets to $ I.99 apiece from $4.99, it may sell more of them.

* * *

widget UK US /ˈwɪdʒɪt/ noun [C] INFORMAL
INTERNET, IT a small computer program, usually connected with an image, that can be added to a website to allow the user to do something. For example, you might click on a widget to find out weather or stock market information: »

The survey showed that more than 300 million widgets were used on the web last month.


Widgets let you display Twitter updates on your website or social network page.

IT one of many small computer programs that make up what you see on a computer screen, and that allow you to take particular actions. A widget might be a button that you click on, or a scroll bar (= strip at the side of the screen used for moving its contents up, down, or sideways), etc.: »

This short video shows someone trying every widget on the application's interface.

PRODUCTION an imaginary product, used in explanations, school books, etc. as an example of a company's typical product: »

What if a hypothetical company, Futuristic, Inc. has a 250% increase in demand for Widget A that it is not prepared to handle.


One area of e-commerce that is expected to grow rapidly is online business-to-business auctions which allow, say, widget producers and widget users to make direct deals.

UK INFORMAL a small tool or other useful object that you do not know the name of: »

The company offers a huge range of widgets for customers who need to mend their gadgets and small appliances.


The helmet has a clever widget attached that will record your experience as you cycle down the mountain.

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